Devices for Information updates

installed in DOST-ARMM office


Two new electronic devices installed in DOST-ARMM office for attendance monitoring and information dissemination; these are the Electronic Bulletin Board and Advanced Biometrics. It was installed last August 19, 2016 cum the registration process for Advanced Biometrics.

The DOST-ARMM administration initiated the installation of new devices to upgrade attendance monitoring and update all employees about quick news and updates of projects, programs and activities of the region.

The Attendance Tracking System used by the agency was upgraded to Advanced Biometrics. All employees of the regional office have already registered to the said new system.

The Electronic Bulletin Board will display quick announcement from an official source about an important piece of news and updates. The Advanced Biometric is a face detection device that will record registered employees for their attendance starting from 8:00am to 5:00pm respectively.