2016 Capacity Building Program for PAMANA-MNLF Cooperatives
conducted in Maguindanao


          The 2016 Capacity Building Program for PAyapa at MAsaganang PamayaNAn- MNLF Cooperatives was conducted in Cotabato City last September 19-28, 2016. A total of six hundred forty-five (645) participants or forty-three (43) cooperatives from different municipalities in Maguindanao participated the training. The Department of Science and Technology – ARMM facilitated the capacity building program training.

          Seven (7) livelihood programs capacitated for forty-three (43) cooperatives in Maguindanao. These are Corn and Rice Production, Livestock Production, Integrated Farming, Trading Business, Hollow Blocks Making, Cottage Industry and Aquaculture. The said livelihood programs was conducted simultaneously in Cotabato City on September 19-23, 2016 at Al-Nor Convention Hall, Golden Lace Hall, PAGANA, Sardonyx Cotabato and A & J Building. Livestock Production was conducted last September 26-28, 2016 at Alnor Convention Hall, respectively.

These are the list of cooperatives who benefitted on the capacity building program training.

       A.  List of Cooperatives Trained on Rice and Corn Production:

Pamana Capacity 1

B.  List of Cooperatives Trained on Livestock Production: 

 Pamana 2

C. List of Cooperatives Trained on Integrated Farming : 

Pamana 3

D. List of Cooperatives Trained on Trading Business:

Pamana 4

 E. List of Cooperatives Trained on Hollow Blocks Making: 

Pamana 5

F.  List of Cooperatives Trained on Cottage Industry:

Pamana 6

G. List of Cooperatives Trained on Aquaculture: 

Pamana 7

PAMANA Capacity Building for selected MNLF Communities in Maguindanao is the component program of DOST-ARMM under STREAMC or the S & T Rapid Economic Advancement for MNLF Communities. It is a program designed to provide technological interventions in the livelihood programs that is to be granted to the MNLF Communities by the Program and Projects Management Office or the PAPMO under the Office of the Regional Governor (ORG).